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ServicingEveryone knows that you are supposed to have your oil or gas boiler serviced. The boiler is just one part of a system just like your heat pump is one part of a system. At Midland Renewables we service the entire heating system and not just the heat pump.

Midland Renewables services Dimplex heat pumps,  IVT heat pumps, Nibe heat pumps,  Daikin heat pumps, Worcester Bosch heat pumps, Thermia heat pumps, Danfoss heat pumps, Hautec heat pumps, Climate Master heat pumps, Mitsubishi heat pumps among other brands of heat pumps.

We also service VentAxia, Itho and Enervent heat recovery systems, Kingspan, Joule, Greenline, Hewalex, Pleion and Kloben solar systems.

Your heating system is one of the biggest investments you made in your house so just like your car it is important to make sure that it is maintained properly. An annual maintenance service will typically ‘tune up’ your heating system and can improve its performance and efficiency. During a service a small issue may be highlighted that can be fixed at low cost but if left over time it maybe something that could result in more serious damage to your heating/ventillation system or property. Importantly, a more efficient system costs less to run!

We at Midland Renewables have years of experience in geothermal and air to water heat pumps, under floor heating, solar hot water systems and heat recovery ventillation as well as oil and gas boiler systems covering many different manufacturers. This vast wealth of experience allow our service engineers to expertly service your heating, solar or ventillation system.

A vital part to your system service that we do is re-training the house holder in the operation of the system/controller and answer any questions they may have on the system as well as offering advice on the system.
With our annual service package we carry out a system check of upto 70 points depending on how many systems you have. These checks cover areas such as controlls, thermostats, venting, filters, electrical, flow rates, operational checks amonst many other points.

With flexible payment options available, paying for your system service can be done in a way that suits you.  

For more information please contact us in Midland Renewables or telephone 1890 90 45 45.