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Buying a House with Renewables

Buying a House with RenewablesFor people buying a house that already has renewables installed, the renewable technologies will contribute in a positive manner towards the building energy rating or BER. However we have found that sometimes these technologies may not have been installed or set up correctly or may have had a failure that was not repaired. This does not affect the BER but will most certainly affect the operation of the system and therefore the comfort and the running costs of the system. This could then have an effect on the value of the property.

Midland Renewables offer a service where we can do a visual and usually an operational inspection of these systems to check to see if they are up to standard on a house you may be thinking of buying. This inspection could save you a lot of stress and possible large running or repair costs if the systems installed are not up to standard. This type of inspection would not typically be covered by the engineers report on the building.

We can inspect air to water heat pump, geothermal heat pumps, solar tubes, solar panels, under floor heating, heat recovery ventilation as well as the heating and hot water system as a whole. If as a result of this survey it is found that there are some issues that should be remedied, Midland Renewables can quote for you how much it would cost to put the system right.


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