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CommercialRunning a business in today’s modern economic environment can be challenging. Ever increasing energy costs can be crippling to a business so taking into account the efficiency of the energy systems of the building is very important. Commercial builds differ from domestic buildings in a number of ways but one area where they should not differ is in the energy efficiency design of the building. This has numerous factors including the overall design of the building, what the building is going to be used for and how the thermal and electrical energy will be generated and supplied.

At Midland Renewables we have solutions for your energy requirements from solar to heat pumps to wind turbines. We can provide solutions to suit your needs either for individual energy requirements of processes or for the entire heating and hot water requirement. We also offer ventilation solutions.

There is no ‘one’ solution to suit all requirements so a company that is limited to a certain technology or manufacturer cannot always give the best advice for you. Here at Midland Renewables we are not tied to any one technology or manufacturer so we can design the best solution for your needs.

Whether it is a new build or you are looking to reduce the running costs of your building, we can advise you on the best solution. Midland Renewables will consider factors such as building regulation compliance, the building energy rating (BER), and design best practice.


For hot water, heating and process heat demands we can offer solar panels or solar tubes or a heat pump solutions either as standalone systems or integrating into the existing system. For electrical demands we can offer solar photovoltaic (PV) and wind turbine options.


For more information please contact us in Midland Renewables or telephone 1890 90 45 45.