Hero Services Consultation


We at Midland Renewables will consult with you on whatever your renewable energy requirements are, be they for heating, hot water or ventilation. With expert knowledge of air to water heat pumps, geothermal heat pump, solar panels and solar tubes, heat recovery ventilation systems as well as other heating and ventilation products.

Minimizing your fuel and running costs is of paramount importance to the design of your project. Correct design, sizing and installation of your renewable energy system are vital to ensure efficient, safe and economical operation.

If you have a project in mind that you need expert advice on, we at Midland Renewables can advise you.

With our consultancy and design at Midland Renewables we take into account the requirements from the system, the lifestyle of the occupants, the building regulations and energy performance of the building. For your project, Midland Renewables will produce the system schematics, installation diagrams and electrical design for the various trades that would be integrating into the system such as the builder and the electrician.

Consultation ProcessWe can consult and design for both new building projects and for existing buildings integrating into the existing systems if that is the best option. A retrofit does not always have to mean taking out all of the old system and replacing it with a new system.

As building regulations change, Midland Renewables ensure that the design of your project meets the relevant regulation with regards to heating and ventilation. This ensures that the system is designed to best practice and the energy rating requirements for the building.

We apply the Midlands Renewables motto of ‘Renewable heating made simple’ as a system that is complicated can be difficult to control and therefore either the running costs are higher than they should be or the comfort level in the building is not as expected.


For more information please contact us in Midland Renewables or telephone 1890 90 45 45.