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Domestic BuildBuilding a house is one of the biggest projects most people are ever likely to undertake. There are a lot of aspects for you to consider such as the layout of your house, what finish you want on the outside, what kind of roof and so on. Most of these factors once done will have no further influence on how much your house will cost to run for the rest of the time you are living there. Yet a major element of the correct design of a house are the services for it such as heating, hot water, lighting and ventilation and these factors will have a major effect on the ongoing running costs of your house. These elements should always be a the fore front of the designing of your house and not just an afterthought near the end of the project as it may be too late to have installed the most appropriate system for the requirements. At Midland Renewables we make renewables simple and don’t confuse you with technical facts and terminology.

There is no ‘one’ solution that suits everyone’s requirements. There are numerous factors that require consideration when designing a heating, ventilation or hot water system; the lifestyle and age of the people who will use the system, the buildings construction and location, hot water usage and the type of heating system. Here at Midland Renewables we have the solution to suite your requirements.

At Midland Renewables we place special emphasis on the design and operation of domestic heating systems for all build types and constructions and have learned through vast experience that large domestic projects require additional attention when addressing the heating system. Midland Renewables will consider factors such as building regulation compliance, the building energy rating (BER), and design best practice.


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