Hero Services Installation


installationThe products and components in your renewable system are only as good as the installation. A poor installation will lead to poor performance. Here at Midland Renewables we can carry out a full turnkey installation for your renewable system. From the initial consultation and design stage to the day you walk in to your warm building or get hot water from your tap heated by your solar system. Our installers have many years of experience in installing renewable heating and ventilation systems as well as in plumbing systems.

When we at Midland Renewables complete an installation we will do a full systems commissioning to ensure that everything is operating as it should and to its best efficiency. As part of the commissioning process Midland Renewables will do a full end user system training in the newly installed heat pump, solar thermal, under floor heating or heat recovery ventilation system with the end user answering any questions they may have. The process does not end there as there is our after sales service where the end user can call Midland Renewables with any questions they may have on their system.

Midland Renewables will install all the pipe work relating to your heating system or all the ducting relating to your ventilation system. Midland Renewables will liaise with the other trades persons on the project for where various elements of the build meet with our part of the installation such liaising with the electrician from where they position a power supply to where they connect it to the heat pump for example. Midland Renewables can also do the domestic plumbing of the project through our partners at Midland Heating and Plumbing if that is a requirement of the project.


For more information please contact us in Midland Renewables or telephone 1890 90 45 45.