Hero Services Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting and Fault Finding

Trouble ShootingWe at Midland Renewables understand that in the boom times many companies that were installing heating, renewable and ventilation systems that are now no longer in business and in some cases those companies folded before customers jobs were finished or properly set up. As a result there are house holders and business owners who have systems that are not operating properly or maybe not at all as well as people who have no where to turn for information or help with their system. For those people that may have a heat pump, solar, ventilation or underfloor system that is not giving the level of comfort and performance that is desired and may be costing more to operate that it should.

Here at Midland Renewables our qualified and experienced Engineers can assist you in fault finding and trouble shooting to help you achieving the maximum benefits from your heating system. We have many years of experience with many different brands of air to water and geothermal heat pumps, solar panels and solar tubes, heat recovery ventilation and under floor heating systems as well as oil and gas boiler systems.


For assistance or troubleshooting and faultfinding advice, please contact us in Midland Renewables or telephone 1890 90 45 45.